hey :) December 3, 2007

Hello! How is everyone doing? It’s been a while! I hope everyone reading this is doing well. I have had several people ask me to update my blog and let them know what is going on! So here it is! I have to admit life is a little rough at the moment, but good at the same time. Kinda bitter sweet to be honest. As far as my friendships, family, and church go everything is amazing! My sisters baby is really healthy, I love every moment of being an aunt. I can’t wait to teach him cool words like “nugget” or “seriously” (hehe). I am living in a new apartment now with 3 other girls whom I love so much! I am really learning a lot about compromise and communication- thats for sure 🙂 It’s really good though. Church is great! I have to say it’s a daily commitment I have to be set apart and stick to my convictions. I have never felt as much love as I do now. I think that being a christian is the best decision I have ever made in my life, though some people may not understand it, I hope that makes them ask me why I love it so much. Also I appreciate all the people that are so supportive, I definitely don’t deserve it! Soooo many people have written me kind hearted emails that really spur me on to be faithful. I truly feel blessed to have so many people behind me. So I really mean it when I say thank you to everyone that has been so kind.
As for my job situation…that’s where things get a little rough. Things have definitely been different since I moved out with Justine. As some of you know we were working together on a lot of things. She is all over the place doing things I am lucky if I see her once a month. Since then I haven’t had as much luck as I had hoped when it comes to finding a job or freelance. I think a lot of people think I do web design when my specialty is in graphic design and viral marketing. I have a passion for people that sometimes is hard to explain I just really love communicating effectively. I would love to find something with a little more stability then where I am right now. I am working part time at an art gallery and just trying to find some freelance. I have also been working part time as a nanny for a family. I just found out that they can’t afford to pay me anymore because they have to pay full tuition for the husband every month now. Ahh what to do? Finances are really tight right now, I am just praying that God will provide me with something. It’s crazy that some how each month things just seem to work out, I know I am being taken care of, it’s just getting a little stressful to live this way. After this past year of working with the companies I have been blessed to work with and working with Justine I feel like I have had this amazing experience! I want to apply that somewhere else but I am not really sure where to go. There is sooo much opportunity out there, and I know it. I definitely don’t want to give up, and I know I have some valuable things to offer. I guess I am just not very good at finding where to go. 🙂 If any of you have ideas or know anyone hiring, or looking for someone like myself to work for them- please let me know! I would appreciate it so much. Christmas will be here before we know it!

I have to get going now, but I just wanted to say hello to everyone! I really hope life is treating you well and that you are all surrounded by people that you love. I hope you have a great holiday! hugs.