The simple things in life. :) June 14, 2007

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Ah ok it’s been a few days since I’ve updated! Sorry about that 🙂 This past week I went home to Erie, PA to visit family while justine went to Atlanta. I have to admit it was nice getting away and just being invisible again.
This experience is really helping me appreciate the simple things in life that I just assumed would always be there. Things like feeling comfortable in my own home, or doing nothing at all and feeling content with that. While I was home I just hung out with my mom, watched movies, mowed the lawn, had a bonfire and worked….if I was wearing the cam I probably would have had the feeling these things were’nt entertaining enough. It’s weird..even though the camera isn’t on me when I sleep I feel like it is. I will go to sleep with this paranoid feeling that someone is watching me. While I was home this weekend I finally felt relaxed and had a good nights sleep.
The natural flow of conversation is also different when people are aware they are on camera. People act a little goofy or nervous ..afraid they are going to be made fun of. It’s funny to watch I’m sure- but it gets weird after everyone we encounter acts that way. It takes away from normal conversation and makes it feel awkward.
I am surprised at how many people just walk right up to us and ask us about it. I haven’t seen anyone get mad yet, most people just laugh or seem really interested in how it works. For some reason I thought people would just be annoyed or have no patience for such a thing. So I have to say I am impressed with how kind people are being, it makes me happy :).
It makes me wonder where technology will go next, how much people will let the public into their lives…or how valuable privacy really is to people anymore? Will people really want to take the time to get to know you if you are already broadcasting live on the internet? I think about how much people hold back or just avoid hanging out because spending time together no longer is something special and’s being shared with anyone who has access to the internet.

Anyway..those are just some random thoughts for the day! Feel free to respond! 🙂


16 Responses to “The simple things in life. :)”

  1. phprock Says:

    Glad you got to spend some time at home! Did you make a trip to Wegmans???

  2. dezzychick Says:

    haha i did not! i should have though!

  3. pplpwrd Says:

    bad link. here’s the model # Samsung SCH-u740 google. it. 🙂

  4. maclover Says:

    Glad you had some down time Dez. Sounds like you had fun.

  5. JD Says:

    Good to see you got some time away from the camera. I’m amazed that you two have been handling it pretty well for as long as you have…i think i would’ve gone crazy within 3 days. But with all this social networking and people knowing what we’re doing (Twitter), where we’re at (Groovr) and what books/movies/music/news/whatever we’re into, isn’t going live camera with your life 24/7 the only next inevitable step?

  6. Matt_ Says:

    Dezz go no furthur than the Nokia N95 it has a Carl Ziess %Megapixel Camera that can do MPEG-4 and H264 for video blogging .

    It also is a media center with TV out and the usual smartphone features,n95

    You can even live broadcast from the phone 🙂 ……

  7. Steff Says:

    Hey Dezz, you rock!
    I just watched you in Justine’s parkour spoof and it was hilarious!
    “Just letting us jump on their buildings, jump on their children…”
    Instant classic! haha!
    I practise parkour myself and that spoof was really good.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. Lisa Bettany Says:

    basically, you’re awesome! love your videos. your ParCors video still makes me laugh.. on a daily basis. that’s kinda weird… and creepy. keep up the sweet vids. i look forward to seeing more from you. this site is super green. lime green. i think i’m slowly going cross eyed…

  9. garamount Says:

    This post is really spontaneus and good written, I appreciated it


  10. Bram R Says:

    Yeah, it is funny when you go up to random people, who at first are all, “Hey, how ya doin?” and then you tell them that you’re streaming live to the internet, and they act like you just told them you have Bird Flu.

  11. mcpaige Says:

    Have fun in VA. !

  12. mcpaige Says:

    What have you been up to !!!

  13. wafflejuice Says:

    I’m truly sorry about the negativity and anxiety of your experience. You’re a sweet person who deserved better than some of the treatment you got in the chatroom. Just know that despite what some idiots said, you’re a very pretty, smart and spiritually grounded person and I just know you’ll go far in life. I wish you all the best in life and I really enjoyed your time co-starring with Justine. Just try and remember the good times and forget the bad, okay?

  14. you had me suicidal, suicida. Hale Mauricio.

  15. Janak Says:


    that’s my way of saying “stop”….ooh i love this acronym:

    S top
    T hink
    O rganise
    P roceed

    Take care.

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