Being a Good Neighbor March 21, 2007

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Well, if you didn’t know Justine and I share an apartment Pittsburgh PA. We live in a quiet town mostly filled with old polish people. I would say we live pretty quiet lives. We don’t have parties-ever, we never have people over, we are pretty much always on our computers-or not home. Our neighbor is constantly complaining to our landlord that we are tooooo loud. We live in a multi-unit building so our wall is connected to our neighbors. The last time we had a noise complaint it was because we were playing beetles songs on an acoustic guitar, at 9 p.m. (the guitar wasn’t connected to an amp). Today we received a letter from our landlord. It makes me laugh so I wanted to share some of it with you.
“It seems that the noise has again become and issue with the peace and quiet of neighbors living next to you. This past weekend I was approached by ___________ who said the specific noises were again intruding on his sense of privacy. I asked ________ if he had contacted you-he said he had not.”

One might ask….”what noisessss are these???” Well let me tell you!!
•thumping up and down the stairs (this means us just walking up the stairs)
•loud laughing (sorry! didn’t mean to laugh too loud!)
•the use of a radio sometimes late at night (justine sleeps with music playing-i cant even hear it across the hall)

Just another reminder! “Being a good neighbor and acting with consideration to those around you is a requirement for those living in this building.”

He asks that we adjust our lifestyles so that these noises are not so intrusive to others.


Dear Justine,
We need to move somewhere that we are allowed to laugh and walk up our stairs at any time of day.



10 Responses to “Being a Good Neighbor”

  1. Tony Says:

    I hate neighbors that suck at life!

    I find it especially funny because of how many sporting events I watch a year and flip out at, and yet, no complaints for me.

    Best of luck, I know these situations are tricky!

    Signed: Honored to be your neighbor any day of the week,

  2. Peter Cooper Says:

    I think perhaps you should talk to your neighbours and be nice to them about it. They’re probably just old folks who have nothing better to do and hate the fact young people are living in their building. If you get to chat to them and build up a rapport, they’ll probably be cool.

    Of course, if they turn out to be miserable old grouchbags even after trying.. then screw em 😉

  3. jestu Says:

    i can totally relate. i live on a floor with all elderly people and my roommates deaf
    so she has to play the music and tv loud just to get a glimpse of understanding. i
    soooooooo want to move into a house further in the country ’cause age isn’t the
    problem. it’s courtesy. young and old walk up and down the steps, with and w/o
    children and friends, banging doors and screaming all hours of the night. plus an
    abusive parent who’s daughter screams hours on end like a banchee. her bedrooms
    above mine. it’s like the stepford wives reversed. i just pray, but this past winter i
    shoveled everyone’s car out and it’s made a huge difference in the noise and smoking
    in the public areas. now that’s what burns me, literally. pitt area homes are tooooo
    close, old and improperly insulated for anything. for so much land the town planner
    screwed-up on doling out home space. imagine living in a philly-row house. now that’s
    noise and you own it.

  4. Brock Says:

    Find an apartment near a college. One of the schools near me doesn’t have any dorms – they arrange housing for their students in my building, so my roommates and I never have to worry about the loudest ones in the place.

  5. ALBUD Says:

    Maybe your Walmart Exploits have upset your neighbor, although these were conducted far from your current abode. It could be a throng of fans constantly gawking outside of your apartment( It is rumored that PLOW of Bill Alexander Fame, has conducted hollywood style tours with in your neighborhood). Mistaken identity… Its really the satanic cult two doors down making the noise and you two are taking the heat.
    In any event

  6. mel Says:

    I say you move into south oakland. no one cares there and you would be a welcome addition!

  7. Desirae Sharp Says:

    omg my name is desirae and i love your songs cause’ i write songs too well im not like popular im only 13 well im goin to be 14 in august 19th but thts soooo cool tht we have the same name and i kind of look like you too. freeeky hu

    well g2g


  8. Deborah Says:

    I have an elderly couple who lives downstairs and they constantly complain. When I first moved in the woman bragged about getting a woman on disability kicked out with her “monster” daughter who is “4” years old, mind you. I was just sickened. Since complained about them all the timem practically every day. she still lives on the premises in another unit.
    She now does the exact same thing to myself and my two children. She complained once about my having a regular pair of sneakers in the dryer (in a large blanket) at 8 pm by calling me and I turned the dryer off and my daughter went to school the next day without her sneakers. Then I turned the dryer back on that following day at 1:30 in the afternoon and she invited me in to hear this horrible horrible noise. I couldn’t figure out what she could be talking about. I had to strain to hear till she finally pointed upstairs and I could barely hear a slight thumping of these sneakers inside of this towel. This validated my feeling that the woman was boasting about how much power she has here. I wonder if she is related to management. They complained when my daughter’s friend tripped at 11 pm and fell and added to the complaint by lying about the kids jumping and stomping around. I know better than this because my kids don’t want to move away from their friends. They complain every chance they get as if they are adamate about getting us out. We have been so respectful to them. I can’t afford to lose my Section 8 and the Landlord promised us a downstairs apartment. How can she hold them against us. I didn’t mean for this girl to trip on her way to the bathroom. The old man would get himself worked up and go to the office. I think he should audition. He is a good actor. He has been working very hard trying to get us kicked out. At the same time, we have been struggling trying not to drop anything up here and everytime someone comes up here I have to make them take off their shoes and tell everyone to walk toe to heel, yet they still manage to find things to complain about. The other night, my daughter who doesn’t live here was told that she needed bed rest or she would lose her baby. Well she had been here a week and I had to tell her she couldn’t stay because I know this older couple would have recorded every little thing on paper. Well I told her she couldn’t stay an extra night after the doctor said she needed bed rest and she got very upset and flipped out. I had to call the police. Well of course these neighbors cashed in on this and we were given a notice. They CANNOT be please. We got a ten day notice and a notice that if we get anymore complaints (even after we were promised another apartment), that we will get evicted. How can they hold these people’s complaint against us? This older couple went to the corporate office and complained. This is so unfair. They have always played unfair. This man has walked into my apartment to complain once and did this to the other neighbor. It is always the old man and not the woman who is the agressor. I don’t think this is fair, especially when we were ready to move and we were promised another apartment, yet here we sit and this man is resenting the fact obviously that we are still living here. He is just overbearing. The wife will go along with him because they are together, so I feel like they should move, not me; yet because they went to corporate, this woman at the office is sticking up for them. I would move if I had the money to move, but I don’t right now. I wish I had moved out when I had my apartment five miles away, but this landlord asked me not to move after I already had everything packed and settled. This situation has always been unfair to us. I am disabled and have two children.

  9. will & zay Says:

    hi we’ve the same problem we are a young couple livin in between two old couples wen one of us r in the bath we play r music so that we can only just hear it upstairs, ther is a passage way on the most complaining sidde and we have tested it out to c if the volume we have it on wen in the bath to c if we can hear it in the passage n we cant so it seems there complaining about all they can we have received numerous letters from the council but therz never anything to suggest theyre lying. we have lived in the property for 7 months and love it, weve had two parties since we lived here and the neighbors wer informed before hand and on both nights they complained so they got 4 or five big built people to gatecrash the party and start a fight which ended up with all of us needing to go to hospital.

  10. Deborah Says:

    I moved from the upstairs apartment to a smaller downstairs apartment. However, now my upstairs neighbors are compulsive complainers. The complaints they made are obvious prejudice. They make noise, but we did not want to complain about them. So what did they do? They made a list of their complaints without ever even telling me. They said that a kid was playing with an old walker (elderly walker) that was in the dumpster (it wasn’t my child). They said that I was vacuuming after 10 pm. The people who were below me before; you never heard their vacuum and we are on the bottom floor. They said a man came here on a motorcycle? Please, let’s be real. They said that a man ran across my lawn. It was probably my son’s friend (a neighbor) who was coming over to see my son Justin. This boy is as big as an adult. They complained because I washed my clothes after 10 pm. I know I did once (not a noisy washing machine) and I never heard the downstairs neighbors, ever, day or evening. We were so happy that we weren’t going to be disturbing anyone. Isn’t it funny how I can hear their noise but never a washing machine or vacuum, day or night. The only possible legitamate complaint they made was that my son’s music was too loud. What is it about people that makes them so rotten. Are they just miserable and looking for someone to take it out on?

    Neighbors just love to be miserable.

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