reality March 12, 2007

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So today I was just looking on CNN.comand reading about all the breaking news. The fires in California, suicides, parents murdering their children… on. My attitude at first was, wow this is crazy…moving on with my day. I then had to ask myself, wow have I become numb to these stories? Hundreds and thousands of people being killed by natural disasters…victims of murder…people in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know I can do nothing about most of the things going on in the world, but it was just one of those days I felt extra thankful for my safety, for our country, for life itself really. Anything can happen at any moment, sometimes I get so busy, so caught up in what’s going on in the world as far as success, popularity, business, friends etc. I don’t take a step back and think WOW that fire near LA just destroyed 500 homes. It’s kinda sad that sometimes it takes us being directly affected by such horrible things to really notice, or even have a second though about helping other people. I am guilty as charged.

Thats all for now. hugs-



6 Responses to “reality”

  1. Tony Says:

    Awesome post Desiree! Thanks for the link and nice green theme 🙂

    Great post though Desiree, it truly is amazing to stop, pause and reflect sometimes.

  2. deelaina Says:




    On another note, I think about all the tragedy in the world, too when I watch the news. Just to think a second about what is happening in Darfur. We can cry about it for a few minutes and feel guilty, then go back to ignoring it. or we can help a little. Or we can dedicate our lives to it: join the Peace Corps or something.

    Would you give up blogging and making crazy videos to do that? It’s so much easier to just feel guilty and ignore it.

  3. BPhelmet Says:

    hey desiree, this is an awesome blog, you have to keep blogging 😀 even tho i can’t read all of your stuff i’m too ADD to read anything

  4. Ed Says:


    Great blog!

    Funny thing, I was feeling the exact opposite today about world news. I have been it
    alot lately and thinking that we are getting hit with so much of the bad news through
    the mediums we have now that I feel numb. I need to take what I see going on, make
    sure it doesn’t happen in my own space and then help others beyond. Rough thing is
    that I’m not sure I’m getting anywhere with fixing things around me. All we can do is

  5. Ralph Dagza Says:

    Im leaving on Monday, I think you should add me to your blogroll 🙂

  6. Justine Says:

    Plz update. k?

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