Being a Good Neighbor March 21, 2007

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Well, if you didn’t know Justine and I share an apartment Pittsburgh PA. We live in a quiet town mostly filled with old polish people. I would say we live pretty quiet lives. We don’t have parties-ever, we never have people over, we are pretty much always on our computers-or not home. Our neighbor is constantly complaining to our landlord that we are tooooo loud. We live in a multi-unit building so our wall is connected to our neighbors. The last time we had a noise complaint it was because we were playing beetles songs on an acoustic guitar, at 9 p.m. (the guitar wasn’t connected to an amp). Today we received a letter from our landlord. It makes me laugh so I wanted to share some of it with you.
“It seems that the noise has again become and issue with the peace and quiet of neighbors living next to you. This past weekend I was approached by ___________ who said the specific noises were again intruding on his sense of privacy. I asked ________ if he had contacted you-he said he had not.”

One might ask….”what noisessss are these???” Well let me tell you!!
•thumping up and down the stairs (this means us just walking up the stairs)
•loud laughing (sorry! didn’t mean to laugh too loud!)
•the use of a radio sometimes late at night (justine sleeps with music playing-i cant even hear it across the hall)

Just another reminder! “Being a good neighbor and acting with consideration to those around you is a requirement for those living in this building.”

He asks that we adjust our lifestyles so that these noises are not so intrusive to others.


Dear Justine,
We need to move somewhere that we are allowed to laugh and walk up our stairs at any time of day.



sorry im a bad blogger March 19, 2007

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So I want to blog about my friend Steve! woo! I really think everyone should check out his art. He is a good friend of mine, but probably one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. So please check out his art work- it’s really unique, add him as a friend. THIS is his myspace link! I had the privilege to take most of the photos, woo! I really want him to get his work out there. I love his art 🙂

I also want to talk about endeavor media. This is a team of AMAZING people that cover all kinds of media. They really focus on music videos. They have a really great style that just grabs your attention. I have had the privilege of being at a couple of their video shoots to take pictures, and I really think they are the next “big thing”. Check out their videos!!! You won’t regret it! 🙂


reality March 12, 2007

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So today I was just looking on CNN.comand reading about all the breaking news. The fires in California, suicides, parents murdering their children… on. My attitude at first was, wow this is crazy…moving on with my day. I then had to ask myself, wow have I become numb to these stories? Hundreds and thousands of people being killed by natural disasters…victims of murder…people in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know I can do nothing about most of the things going on in the world, but it was just one of those days I felt extra thankful for my safety, for our country, for life itself really. Anything can happen at any moment, sometimes I get so busy, so caught up in what’s going on in the world as far as success, popularity, business, friends etc. I don’t take a step back and think WOW that fire near LA just destroyed 500 homes. It’s kinda sad that sometimes it takes us being directly affected by such horrible things to really notice, or even have a second though about helping other people. I am guilty as charged.

Thats all for now. hugs-



word March 5, 2007

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I am sorry that I don’t update on a regular basis! Anyway! I think that puncuation is really amazing because I am really tired right now but I can make it look like I AM SO EXCITED! wooo!!!

So my neighbor wants to buy a diesel car….why do you ask? He wants fill his tank with vegetable oil. I really don’t know what else to say about this.

very interesting

ok thats all for now. im tired…more later! promise 😉