haters February 23, 2007

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Well it’s 5:30 in the morning and I am wide awake! I tend to be the go-to person for airport rides for some reason, I don’t mind too much. I think this post will be short and sweet. I have to say…there are different ways to deal with haters. I think if anyone puts themselves out there in the public eye you will get both positive and negative feedback, naturally. I have to say how blessed Justine and I are to have all the people supporting us that we do! We do get our occasional haters though. Yesterday we got this email on our mommmypackmylunch myspace site. It was another comedy site that followed us from the yahoo challenge. He proceeded to tell us we are not funny at all and should just give up. So I think he’s right! We should just give up! Why do people take the time out of their day to tell other people such negative things? I have no idea. But I do know….I will never hate you. 🙂



3 Responses to “haters”

  1. Tony Says:

    Haters are stupid and most likely are only hating because they are jealous of your growing popularity. Let them hate, sadly, it’s all they’ve got.

    Have a good one Desiree, thanks for the update!

  2. Agreed. The people who take time out of their day to let someone else know what a bad job they’re doing and offer no constructive criticism are just perpetuating their own negative self-image. Don’t feel bad. Just buy them a cookie.

  3. mel Says:

    hmmm… haters. gross. i don’t like haters.

    that’s ok, haters need Jesus too. maybe that’s why they’re so grumpy.

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