twitter/snake February 12, 2007

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Hey blog world. 🙂

So my last entry was pretty random, sorry haha! So while in the geekriot chat tonight someone mentioned that I should get twitter. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about all this. I see first hand how many text messages Justine gets ALLLL day long. I am not sure that I want to be updated with what everyone is doing all day every day. I am afraid I might find myself with my face plastered to my phone….like someone else i know 😉 love you. hahah, but she loves it. Also another thing that would hold be back is I have verizon. I don’t think they even offer an unlimited to any network text/pix plan? I could be totally wrong. If they do, I don’t have it. So what is the benefit of having Twitter? Am I missing out on a lot, because I can’t take Justines word for it….she thrives on being connected to everyone constantly. I love her, but I can’t take her word for these kinds of things. She would love to have a text sent to her phone reminding her to brush her teeth, and blink if that were available! hahahaha kisses! I am open to hearing peoples thoughts on this 🙂 thats all


ps. i love this snake


2 Responses to “twitter/snake”

  1. Justine Says:

    I could be wrong.. but were you totally just hitting on me via this blog entry? 😉

  2. Tristan Pipo Says:

    I found that the easiest solution for twitter is just have everyones updates go to my Google Talk account. That way you only know what’s going on when your on the computer and care to know.

    Nice blog you got going on here. Need to theme it up a bit.


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